Friday, August 23, 2013

This. This is why. Sometimes.

Sometimes I run to get my mood up. Once in a while I use it to get away. I get away from loneliness. I get out to break away from my 'mean' self and find power. Getting away from home, responsibility. To find the happy. Joy. Love. 
         It never disappoints. 
But, opposite from other addictions, which running is sometimes called. 
I only love/like it. I don't blame it. I don'f feel bad when I do it. Ever. 
I feel like myself. 
Sweaty, strong and not with make up. 
Goofy and natural.
   And I like ME. 
It's the feeling I long for. 
       Loss of desperation. 

This is me, and what I stand for. 

And beer sometimes there is a beer at the end. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The week I broke down.

I guess I did need a big slap of a reality check. There was nothing wrong, the only thing that changed that I had pulled my 6 year out of camp for a couple weeks to spend some "quality" mom and son time. 
      This is the week that I needed to run most, but didn't cause I had the kiddo. 
No running on Sunday, my birthday, but I did kayak where I learned about new muscles for the next few days. And that my body is officially one year older and heading towards that stage of my life where I pop a Advil every 3 hours. 
Monday: Tense. My body hurt, my patience was weaning, and I needed to run. I was also hormonal. VERY. 
Tuesday: More tense, more pain. Kid was winey. I found relief in a chiropractor and Simpsons marathon. Mother of the year. 
Wednesday: Full sharp teeth were out. I broke down in the car silently behind sun glasses. MIND you, nothing was wrong, except I hadn't run and it was that time of the month. I cried all the way to work that night. Where I got a little relief of a 2 mile run. 
Thursday: This was the day that I convinced my son that he was going to ride around Green Lake so I can get all hopped up on endorphins. He was hesitant, being new to the "no training wheels" side of biking and really wanted to go back to the car. I egged him along around Green Lake. He crashed into a very nice lady, where then he got a handle bar in the tummy. He cried and I gently convinced him to get back on so we could get the eff around the lake. 
We did, he stopped crying, and was proud of himself. I was glowing in sweat and all were happy. 
Friday: I realized how a) I am addicted to running. b) my kid is a trooper for putting up with my Cybil behavior. c) so is my husband d) sometimes you just need to cry for no good reason. 
Saturday: A glorious 12 miles. All is well in my world. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ask A Coach! 8/6

Question: "I am doing a 10K in October, Can you give me a plan on how to train for it? Thanks Coach!"

Answer: If you are starting at 3 miles, you can add one mile to your long run till you get to 6 miles.
The other days can be 20-25 minuets 3-4 days. Easy peasy.

Question: "What do I do when boot camp is over? I'll have -- hopefully -- made some kind of fitness gains. But I suck on my own. How do I keep 'em?"
  Answer: I'll provide a nice "cheat sheet" so you can keep your guns and be aborific.

Question:"How can my husband be sure to eat enough so the hungry grumpiest aren't the price we pay for his 10 mile runs?" Make sure he carb loads the day before and he eats RIGHT after he's done. Even if he's not hungry. And then every 3 hours for a couple days. It's hard raising a long distance runner.

Question: "foam rolling... is it good is it bad, does it work"

Monday, August 5, 2013

Top 5!

I was recently in Runners World....again. Which is so weird to say and fun and well then weird again. They (author, recent Ironman, and all around awesomeness found above 6 feet, Dimity McDowell) was looking for short advice blurbs (not actual shorts, I'm a capri girl) for runners. Here's was my wind up pitch of answers:
 1. For a good race, follow these rules: Start off slow, thank all the volunteers and for every mile you are doing, hive five that many kids.  

 2. Walking is not defeat, it's just a way of regroup, recover and rehydrate. 
 3. Schedule your runs like you schedule the rest of your day. Schedule something fun for your rest days, i.e. massage, pedicure, bubble bath.  
 4. LSD Long Slow Distance miles should be done at a conversational pace.  
 5. Listen to your body, but don't let it lie to you.
Here's the one they took, which is my favorite: 

When I started running, I loved looking at the pages of Runners World, as it was before internet and it was my sole info of how to start. I can't believe that I am in it now. Boggles my mind. 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's Not About Running

It's not. Its all a lie. What it's really about...are you ready:
  Shedding the thin shell of your 'being' and finding yourself. Realizing that 'other' voice was right. You are rad and strong and wonderful. It's about the sweat, tears and laughter that is shared. You becoming better, fitter. Your heart strong. Your sweat earned. Time to yourself. Reflection. Pounding on the road, trail, mountain, pasture. 
     Your world is turned on. 
It is really, well for me, about is escape, freedom and getting out of the way of myself, to find out the person I want to be, and get my body to do what it was made to do. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Ask A Coach 7/29.

Question: "what is the most effective way to breathe while running"
Answer: Through the big hole in your head. No, seriously. First time runners just focus on breathing any way possible. If you DO get stuck in your head and need to focus on something, you can play around with exhaling through your mouth and short inhales through your nose. But please, breathe. 

Question: "Have trouble controlling my breathing when I run, someone suggested music as a diversion and keep pushing, your body will level out. Your thoughts ?"
Answer:  Starting off slow, really slow will help. Your breathing will plateau, but it's hard and unnerving hearing it ramp up in your head. Music does help or a pod cast too. But go slow. 

Question: "How do I not fall apart on runs 15 miles +?! my body starts to hurt so bad after 13 miles, do I need to eat more energy gels"
Answer: Could be a nutrition issue. On long runs, stick to what you know what works, eating wise the days before and the day of. And don't mess with it once you got it nailed down. Are you eating more carbs? Carbs are like the gas in your tank and when your glycogen levels dip into E, your toast. You could also be over trained, or that time of the month. *Awesome.* Note it, but don't worry about it, and get back out there next weekend.

Question: "How fast is too quickly in increasing milage? Is it ok to add a .5 mile each long run a week?"
Answer: Take your overall, weekly milage and add that up. Then you add 15% percent every week to it to increase distance safely. Do it to just one run, and not all of them, like your long run on the weekend. After 6 weeks, you take the long run and cut it by 2/3 so your body can rest. 
Good Luck!

Question: "What do you think of SportLegs? "
Answer: I just looked it up and see it's some serum. Be wary of snake oils, and stick to what you know. 

Question: "I have a 1/2 marathon in 10 days - is that enough time to break in a new pair of running shoes? or should I stick with my trusty pair even though they are worn through?"
Answer: As long as they are the same make/model, you are good and better off in your new ones. I once had to replace a pair of shoes the night before a marathon because my cat threw up in my old ones. ... dumb cats. 

Question: "Where do I begin in making a training plan for my first full? Do you help one on one with stuff like that?"
Answer: I do. I will for you. e-mail me. 

Question: "What was the name of the stuff you told us about in class that was good for chafing?"
Answer: Blue Steel. Super Jock and Jill sells it. Awesome. 

Question: " I frequently get tightness and cramping in my calves/soleus. How do I get rid of them or how do I make them happy?" 
Answer: Roll baby roll. And water, baby water. And stretch baby, stretch. 

Question: "Have I lost all my marathon training endurance? I had to take two weeks off for shin splints & July was a slow running month. 12wks till my next full. Where should I start? Thx."
Answer: It takes 6 weeks to lose fitness. The best thing you can do is rest and it'll make you go faster too. Really! Hop back into double digits when you are ready and go from there. Go slow and you'll be up to your high milage in no time. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Ask A Coach 7/22

Question: "WTF was I thinking?"
Answer: I assuming you are talking about Ragnar. I remember you being in my van last year and saying the same thing. I am sure you had fun. 

Question: "How long was the drive to Missoula and was the race worth it?"
Answer: Oh my God, yes. It was wonderful and relaxing and the race was perfect. I highly recommend it. Maybe add an extra day. 

Question: "My husband and I enjoy long vigorous walks (20+ miles) on the weekends. However, after the walk we both suffer from insomnia and the next day I am famished. Any suggestions on how to resolve these issues?"
Answer: The insomnia, I hear, is caused from your body still utilizing it's fat stores and your body is getting a "buzz" from it. The more you do it, your body figures it out and doesn't do it for as long. A few things you can do to help both issues is to snack during the walks and eat something within a half an hour after being done. And exercising on the weekdays as well, but maybe for not AS long. 

Question: "Why do my feet feel stiff Dr. Beth?
Answer:  Please don't call me a doctor. If the IRS get wind of that, I would get an audit and ooof, I don't want that. Stiff feet? Stiff shoes. Try walking around barefoot when you can. You can also use a golf ball on the bottom of your feet to loosen up those little tendons and make em happy. 

Question: "How awesome is Ragnar?"
Answer: I have a bruise on  my butt from kicking myself that I didn't do it. 

Question: "I just did a half marathon and am now going to do bellingham bay full marathon. Do I just keep adding to distance I already have? How many 20 milers do you suggest?
Answer: Yes, add no more then 15% off your weekly milage to what you have in the bank. If you can get to 20 2 weeks before, that'll give your body room to heal, and recover before the big 26.2. Good Luck!

Question: "After signing up for an intimidating race, what do you do to not freak out?
Answer: Oh, you should freak out. I am freaking out. AHHHHHH. 

Answer: "Are you at Ragnar?"
Question: No. Kicking. myself. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Almost 40

I don't think of my age. That maybe a "thing" that almost 39 year olds say. But I don't. I love being 38. I liked being in my 30's. They were good to me. I moved.  Located to Seattle. Found my passion. Made money for my passion. Bought a house. Had a kid. Let me correct.  THE MOST AWESOME KID. Loved my job some more. Business got bigger. Kid got HUGE.  
     A lot happened.
 I love my husband. He is looking for his passion. I am passionate about that. I love my job.  

                     I love people. 

I always long to run hills that I see in my dreams. They are long, and steep, but have glorious peaks. full of wisdom and views. From every angel. And man, those down hills are awesome. I love running.

 And 39 is going to rock it. 

Monday, July 15, 2013


I went to Montana with Amy. She is from there and was, I have to say, one of the best road trip people I have ever had. She drove. She listened. She was quiet. She had a van where I could crash out.
 It. was. awesome.
 She was also there to complete her second half marathon in one month. She just started running folks. She also put up with taking pictures at "scenic view" areas.

  We got to Missoula and it was amazing. It was nestled in a the semi circle of mountains. It's air was sweet and cool. We had sold our soul to the devil to get sub-100 degree weather for the race.
   It was worth it.
  My goal for the weekend was to: Relax and be outside for most of the waking hours. I had not really had a vacation for a while and needed it.
Desperately. (It's been a busy/stressful/good/sad year)
Amy's mom Karen, was our hostess for the weekend. She was excited to show her tired daughter and her equally tired friend a nice landing spot.
 Saturday, we jaunted off to a farmer market. It was so lovely! Big sky and big veggies. We got our bibs and got mini doughnuts. I have a mini doughnut fetish. They are so many of them.! We got our race gear and got to our needed place to go that had the following: Beer and water.
 Amy talked about this whole "float" thing. You float down a river.  She use to do it on vacations as a kid, for a week. I fell in love with this idea. Floating. Camp. Float. Camp. Right??? Ahhh.
 We headed out to the river with some beers and I laid around in the big sky and large river. It was just what I needed. Thank you river.

   We woke up the crack of 4 a.m. and headed out for the race. They lit off fireworks at the start. That was nice.
                                  Highlights/Lowlights: HL / LL

  • Running along the river when the sun comes up. HL
  • Long down hill. HL
  • Listening to Simon & Garfunkel 'Cecilia' 2 times at mile 6
  • Panic attack for no good reason at mile 9. LL
  • Finishing with a lovely lady who did her PR, just in from of me. She's 65 HL.
  • Watching Amy come in with a huge smile with a great time.
  • Laying in the river at 8:30 in the morning with a free beer (and not a crappy light beer) HL

I do love my job.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Back to the drawing audio production.

Do you know when in Americas Top Model episode when they have to do a nation wide commercial, and some of the girls are so bad at reading the scripts, that they have to go line by line and edit them all together. You don't know what I am talking about? I know I am not the only one who watches ANTM.

This was me, for the first hour tonight of the first night of the audio version of The Couch to 5k.
I stumbled, stammered, talked fast and mumbled. I do all of these things when I get nervous. Oh, and i have this weird high pitched laugh. I also say um. A lot.
But the lovely and beautiful and, oh hey, a runner, Tina Nole (who met Ken Burns one time and I think that is so so very cool) swept in, and powered this little nervous nelly towards my great audio career.
I have to say,when I got my groove, it sounded good. Like Barry White good. (*no offense Mr. White. I love you Barry. )
  ---side note. I went to college and have a degree in audio engineering. I was also on the radio for 5 years. These things that I thought were going to save my nervous butt...did not. It's been a long time since I have seen ol Mr. Microphone.
 It was fun and Tine lit up when she came up with ideas about how to add music and sound effects to it.
I am just so excited about helping people learn how to run.  People who don't like groups. (me) people who don't have time to get to Green Lake. People in Minnesota. That guy over there.
Yes. I will help all of them run. I sure hope so.
Note my awesome Oiselle London Calling Shirt. It stinks really bad. I have been running in the hot sun all day.

The Reality Of Running

Running is the most authentic thing I know. It's just me and the run. The run unfolds itself before me with every step into a magical adventure. Sometimes it's therapy. Sometimes it's sightseeing. Sometimes it's just a crappy run. But the run is real and candid. It can't hide behind a bike, a machine or even an ego. You use own body to get from here to there, and maybe back again, different each time.
But there in lies the satisfaction. When I am done, sweaty and hopped up on endorphins, I can look back on the road, and claim the run as an accomplishment. You get what you put into it. And I love that.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Ask A Coach . July 5th.

The day after the 4th. Whose still has booming sounds still in their ear? Just me?

Question: How do I get over my fear of re-injury? I haven't run since fracturing my foot in the Disney Princess half (Feb 2012), spending 4.5 months in a boot, and then getting pregnant and having a baby this past April. I'm majorly out of shape and need to get back at it!
Answer: Very good question. The fear of getting re-injury is scary, and getting pregnant again, from running is terrifying. 
First check with your doc and make sure that your foot is good to go, and you might also want to get some labs to check your calcium levels. Also ask him or anybody how babies are made ( spoiler alert: not by running). Go slow and take your time getting back into it, and listen to your body. That fracture is all healed up and is stronger then before. Hit Green Lake and go trash can to trash can. Sign up for a 5k (Like the Women of Wonder) and do it momma! 

Question:  I am running See Jane Run half next weekend and just ran rock and roll a few weeks ago. I am debating of doing 10-13 miles tomorrow for my last long run.... too much? Or do you think it would be ok?
Answer: A) You're awesome. B) Na, I would go under double digits. 8 or 9. Your body is all trained up and you can't gain any fitness in a week, but you can get injured and that would be sad. And then you would cry. And I don't like seeing runners cry, because your losing valuable water. It's so sad. Then I cry. 

Question: My somewhat minimalist shoes (which i love) start to feel "hurty" right about at 10 miles. I replaced my inserts but that didn't help very much. Would it be strange to wear different (smooshier) shoes for longer runs? And by strange, i mean would it be hard to switch back and forth?
Answer: You may have to train your feet to go the distance. Do your "under 10" distance in your minimal shoes, and then your squishy shoes for over 10. No hurty. You can start trying out your shoes when every 10 or so and see how they feel. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Fat. Ass.

So, I took my Fat Ass, my first fat ass to Lincoln Park in West Seattle yesterday. I was nervous about my fat ass. I was worried about no one showing up, I was worried that it would be too hot for my fat ass. I was worried that there would not be enough food for my fat ass. I could go on.
 A Fat Ass  Run is a free run for the running community. We had a Fund Run to support a couple of non profits in West Seattle. White Center Food Bank and West Side Baby. It was a great turn out, there was lots of food for afterward and we had the greatest water station ladies around town. I got to meet runners from beyond the Running Evolution community, which is cool. Thanks all for showing up and running in the hot sun for my first Fat Ass. (I had to get one more in there)
Runners, start your Garmins

Puget Sound. Natures ice bath. 
Runners coming and lying

Friday, June 28, 2013

Ask A Coach 6/28

It's hot. I have the R beer, with salt! A little trashy, but I don't care.

Question: After marathon training, I seem to be capped at 3-5 miles. I have two half-marathons coming up (July and October) -- thoughts on how to build up mileage again? 
Answer: You maybe due for a, ready for it....are you listening...are you sure?
REST. Take a week, or maybe two off. You need to listen to your body and not overtrain. You can kick right back into training and be fine. Promise. 

Question: Haven't ran more than 8 miles since my half and have only been running 2x a week. Will I be able to run your 25k this Sunday? P.S. beautiful commercial. You have the loveliest smile. 
Answer: Yes, you'll be fine for the Fat Ass run on Sunday. Just go slow and have fun. 
Thanks for the love. 

Question: what causes "buttaches" after a half marathon?
Answer: Lazy glutes. You'll need to introduce your butt to some swimming, biking or boot camp class. It would also like a massage. It told me not to tell you, but I think it wanted you to know. 

QuestionSo, with the run walk plan, when do you have to get serious about weekday workouts... I'm up to 6 miles on the weekend, but have neglected my weekday runs  I swear, marathon recovery has taken me two years!
Answer: You need to do weekly runs. You will be miserable if you don't. The don't have to be crazy, just a half an hour or so. MAKE EM HAPPEN. 

QuestionShould I run the 10k or the 25k on Sunday? It is my birthday weekend and the 25k is sooooo early.
Answer: You can run it late but 89 degreed is soooooooooo hot. And so are you. 

Question: What should be built first, speed or distance?
Answer: Depends on your goals. But if your goal is distance, don't add more then 15% weekly milage per week. And don't do a heavy speed workout more then once a week. It's a injury maker adding distance and speed at the same time. Get to your distance, then add the speed. And some sugar. 

Question:  Will I need a water belt for the 25k this weekend or will there be water stops?
Answer: You should bring one. We'll have water, but it's gonna be almost as hot as Pamela out there. 

Question: Its hard being sidelined.  Any summer reads I should pour myself into?
Answer: Yikes. I don't read. I am sure SOMEBODY can offer a tip in the comments below. :)

Question: What is your favorite bra again?
Answer: The one that supports you and makes you look good...duh. Bras need to be fitted for YOU...and your boobies. 

Question: can I really retire my fleece or is this weather a mere illusion?
Answer: I bet it can take a little vacation for a bit. I bet it misses your hats, mittens and your red bra. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ask A Coach

Question: "Do compression socks really help shin splints?"
Answer: Apparently. But they only help the symptoms. Shin splints are usually caused from another issue. As a wise woman said, compression socks are like spanks, they only work when they are on. You may need to investigate what is causing it and go from there. But I think they look hot.

Question: "What made you become a running coach?"
Answer:  I had a hard time staying motivated and I knew that if people paid me, I would keep running.

Question: "Any tips for running in tropical climates? No, not what Seattleites refer to as "tropical climates" 
Answer: I'd hit the pool and run in the pool. I know it sounds silly, but its great and surprisingly hard. And refreshing.

Not mine. But should be my hands.

Get me to the finish line

Ask A Coach

Question: "any uplifting music I should add to my playlist?" 
Answer: When in doubt. James Freaking Brown

Question: "is there an inspiring mantra that goes through your head when you are in those dark moments of a long run?"
Answer:  It's a little embarrassing, but its Dora, from Finding Nemo. "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" Sometimes I change it to running, but sometimes that makes it too real. Just keep swimming.....

Question: "What do you think about the lunch menu here for a pre-race meal?"

Answer: I think you've made a huge mistake.

Question: "Any advice on how to get rid of a cold (coughing up phlegm), and get my energy back before tomorrow's 1/2 marathon?" 
Answer: Go to bed now and rest, fluids. Yes, I realize you have to get up in 6 hours, but I hope you rested. Re-evaluate your goals and have fun. Bring lots of tissue.

Ask A Coach

People who want to run.
Ask A Coach: 
Question: "What kind of layers would you suggest for spring-type cold rainy runs? Do you have a vest? I'm still walking a lot and don't want to get soaked and then chilled. But I don't want to get too hot when I actually run." 
Answer: Ok. it rained yesterday. It was warm out though, and the whole '20 degrees warmer then it really is' when you are running applies, with a layer to start with. Stick to polyester materials, so it'll dry fast, and don't forget about that hat.

Question: "Would love your ideas for getting back in the running game after eight (yes, 8, ack!) months of no running due to injury (boo!). I'm going for short run/walks, but will take any other ideas you have. Support groups? Bourbon?" 
Answer: Go for time. Start off with 20 min, 3 times a week, and do short runs and then walk. When you can run the whole time pull it up to 30 min. Stay there till everything feels good. Then flop open your race calendar, call your support groups, and open the bourbon baby, you are back in the game. I like makers mark....just saying....

Question: "What should I eat for the next 20 hours?"
Answer: Well, since you wrote this 10 hours ago, I hope you ate, and didn't eat anything new. DON'T EAT ANYTHING NEW. Please. Drink lots of water and go to bed early. Tomorrow, eat whatever you ate the morning of your training runs.