Friday, June 28, 2013

Ask A Coach 6/28

It's hot. I have the R beer, with salt! A little trashy, but I don't care.

Question: After marathon training, I seem to be capped at 3-5 miles. I have two half-marathons coming up (July and October) -- thoughts on how to build up mileage again? 
Answer: You maybe due for a, ready for it....are you listening...are you sure?
REST. Take a week, or maybe two off. You need to listen to your body and not overtrain. You can kick right back into training and be fine. Promise. 

Question: Haven't ran more than 8 miles since my half and have only been running 2x a week. Will I be able to run your 25k this Sunday? P.S. beautiful commercial. You have the loveliest smile. 
Answer: Yes, you'll be fine for the Fat Ass run on Sunday. Just go slow and have fun. 
Thanks for the love. 

Question: what causes "buttaches" after a half marathon?
Answer: Lazy glutes. You'll need to introduce your butt to some swimming, biking or boot camp class. It would also like a massage. It told me not to tell you, but I think it wanted you to know. 

QuestionSo, with the run walk plan, when do you have to get serious about weekday workouts... I'm up to 6 miles on the weekend, but have neglected my weekday runs  I swear, marathon recovery has taken me two years!
Answer: You need to do weekly runs. You will be miserable if you don't. The don't have to be crazy, just a half an hour or so. MAKE EM HAPPEN. 

QuestionShould I run the 10k or the 25k on Sunday? It is my birthday weekend and the 25k is sooooo early.
Answer: You can run it late but 89 degreed is soooooooooo hot. And so are you. 

Question: What should be built first, speed or distance?
Answer: Depends on your goals. But if your goal is distance, don't add more then 15% weekly milage per week. And don't do a heavy speed workout more then once a week. It's a injury maker adding distance and speed at the same time. Get to your distance, then add the speed. And some sugar. 

Question:  Will I need a water belt for the 25k this weekend or will there be water stops?
Answer: You should bring one. We'll have water, but it's gonna be almost as hot as Pamela out there. 

Question: Its hard being sidelined.  Any summer reads I should pour myself into?
Answer: Yikes. I don't read. I am sure SOMEBODY can offer a tip in the comments below. :)

Question: What is your favorite bra again?
Answer: The one that supports you and makes you look good...duh. Bras need to be fitted for YOU...and your boobies. 

Question: can I really retire my fleece or is this weather a mere illusion?
Answer: I bet it can take a little vacation for a bit. I bet it misses your hats, mittens and your red bra. 

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