Sunday, July 21, 2013

Almost 40

I don't think of my age. That maybe a "thing" that almost 39 year olds say. But I don't. I love being 38. I liked being in my 30's. They were good to me. I moved.  Located to Seattle. Found my passion. Made money for my passion. Bought a house. Had a kid. Let me correct.  THE MOST AWESOME KID. Loved my job some more. Business got bigger. Kid got HUGE.  
     A lot happened.
 I love my husband. He is looking for his passion. I am passionate about that. I love my job.  

                     I love people. 

I always long to run hills that I see in my dreams. They are long, and steep, but have glorious peaks. full of wisdom and views. From every angel. And man, those down hills are awesome. I love running.

 And 39 is going to rock it. 

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