Monday, July 15, 2013


I went to Montana with Amy. She is from there and was, I have to say, one of the best road trip people I have ever had. She drove. She listened. She was quiet. She had a van where I could crash out.
 It. was. awesome.
 She was also there to complete her second half marathon in one month. She just started running folks. She also put up with taking pictures at "scenic view" areas.

  We got to Missoula and it was amazing. It was nestled in a the semi circle of mountains. It's air was sweet and cool. We had sold our soul to the devil to get sub-100 degree weather for the race.
   It was worth it.
  My goal for the weekend was to: Relax and be outside for most of the waking hours. I had not really had a vacation for a while and needed it.
Desperately. (It's been a busy/stressful/good/sad year)
Amy's mom Karen, was our hostess for the weekend. She was excited to show her tired daughter and her equally tired friend a nice landing spot.
 Saturday, we jaunted off to a farmer market. It was so lovely! Big sky and big veggies. We got our bibs and got mini doughnuts. I have a mini doughnut fetish. They are so many of them.! We got our race gear and got to our needed place to go that had the following: Beer and water.
 Amy talked about this whole "float" thing. You float down a river.  She use to do it on vacations as a kid, for a week. I fell in love with this idea. Floating. Camp. Float. Camp. Right??? Ahhh.
 We headed out to the river with some beers and I laid around in the big sky and large river. It was just what I needed. Thank you river.

   We woke up the crack of 4 a.m. and headed out for the race. They lit off fireworks at the start. That was nice.
                                  Highlights/Lowlights: HL / LL

  • Running along the river when the sun comes up. HL
  • Long down hill. HL
  • Listening to Simon & Garfunkel 'Cecilia' 2 times at mile 6
  • Panic attack for no good reason at mile 9. LL
  • Finishing with a lovely lady who did her PR, just in from of me. She's 65 HL.
  • Watching Amy come in with a huge smile with a great time.
  • Laying in the river at 8:30 in the morning with a free beer (and not a crappy light beer) HL

I do love my job.

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