Friday, July 5, 2013

Ask A Coach . July 5th.

The day after the 4th. Whose still has booming sounds still in their ear? Just me?

Question: How do I get over my fear of re-injury? I haven't run since fracturing my foot in the Disney Princess half (Feb 2012), spending 4.5 months in a boot, and then getting pregnant and having a baby this past April. I'm majorly out of shape and need to get back at it!
Answer: Very good question. The fear of getting re-injury is scary, and getting pregnant again, from running is terrifying. 
First check with your doc and make sure that your foot is good to go, and you might also want to get some labs to check your calcium levels. Also ask him or anybody how babies are made ( spoiler alert: not by running). Go slow and take your time getting back into it, and listen to your body. That fracture is all healed up and is stronger then before. Hit Green Lake and go trash can to trash can. Sign up for a 5k (Like the Women of Wonder) and do it momma! 

Question:  I am running See Jane Run half next weekend and just ran rock and roll a few weeks ago. I am debating of doing 10-13 miles tomorrow for my last long run.... too much? Or do you think it would be ok?
Answer: A) You're awesome. B) Na, I would go under double digits. 8 or 9. Your body is all trained up and you can't gain any fitness in a week, but you can get injured and that would be sad. And then you would cry. And I don't like seeing runners cry, because your losing valuable water. It's so sad. Then I cry. 

Question: My somewhat minimalist shoes (which i love) start to feel "hurty" right about at 10 miles. I replaced my inserts but that didn't help very much. Would it be strange to wear different (smooshier) shoes for longer runs? And by strange, i mean would it be hard to switch back and forth?
Answer: You may have to train your feet to go the distance. Do your "under 10" distance in your minimal shoes, and then your squishy shoes for over 10. No hurty. You can start trying out your shoes when every 10 or so and see how they feel. 

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