Monday, July 22, 2013

Ask A Coach 7/22

Question: "WTF was I thinking?"
Answer: I assuming you are talking about Ragnar. I remember you being in my van last year and saying the same thing. I am sure you had fun. 

Question: "How long was the drive to Missoula and was the race worth it?"
Answer: Oh my God, yes. It was wonderful and relaxing and the race was perfect. I highly recommend it. Maybe add an extra day. 

Question: "My husband and I enjoy long vigorous walks (20+ miles) on the weekends. However, after the walk we both suffer from insomnia and the next day I am famished. Any suggestions on how to resolve these issues?"
Answer: The insomnia, I hear, is caused from your body still utilizing it's fat stores and your body is getting a "buzz" from it. The more you do it, your body figures it out and doesn't do it for as long. A few things you can do to help both issues is to snack during the walks and eat something within a half an hour after being done. And exercising on the weekdays as well, but maybe for not AS long. 

Question: "Why do my feet feel stiff Dr. Beth?
Answer:  Please don't call me a doctor. If the IRS get wind of that, I would get an audit and ooof, I don't want that. Stiff feet? Stiff shoes. Try walking around barefoot when you can. You can also use a golf ball on the bottom of your feet to loosen up those little tendons and make em happy. 

Question: "How awesome is Ragnar?"
Answer: I have a bruise on  my butt from kicking myself that I didn't do it. 

Question: "I just did a half marathon and am now going to do bellingham bay full marathon. Do I just keep adding to distance I already have? How many 20 milers do you suggest?
Answer: Yes, add no more then 15% off your weekly milage to what you have in the bank. If you can get to 20 2 weeks before, that'll give your body room to heal, and recover before the big 26.2. Good Luck!

Question: "After signing up for an intimidating race, what do you do to not freak out?
Answer: Oh, you should freak out. I am freaking out. AHHHHHH. 

Answer: "Are you at Ragnar?"
Question: No. Kicking. myself. 

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  1. Ragnar wasn't the same without finding you randomly at an exchange, getting a fat smootch on my face and a great pic. Next year, right?! thanks for your online cheering tho!