Friday, June 28, 2013

Ask A Coach 6/28

It's hot. I have the R beer, with salt! A little trashy, but I don't care.

Question: After marathon training, I seem to be capped at 3-5 miles. I have two half-marathons coming up (July and October) -- thoughts on how to build up mileage again? 
Answer: You maybe due for a, ready for it....are you listening...are you sure?
REST. Take a week, or maybe two off. You need to listen to your body and not overtrain. You can kick right back into training and be fine. Promise. 

Question: Haven't ran more than 8 miles since my half and have only been running 2x a week. Will I be able to run your 25k this Sunday? P.S. beautiful commercial. You have the loveliest smile. 
Answer: Yes, you'll be fine for the Fat Ass run on Sunday. Just go slow and have fun. 
Thanks for the love. 

Question: what causes "buttaches" after a half marathon?
Answer: Lazy glutes. You'll need to introduce your butt to some swimming, biking or boot camp class. It would also like a massage. It told me not to tell you, but I think it wanted you to know. 

QuestionSo, with the run walk plan, when do you have to get serious about weekday workouts... I'm up to 6 miles on the weekend, but have neglected my weekday runs  I swear, marathon recovery has taken me two years!
Answer: You need to do weekly runs. You will be miserable if you don't. The don't have to be crazy, just a half an hour or so. MAKE EM HAPPEN. 

QuestionShould I run the 10k or the 25k on Sunday? It is my birthday weekend and the 25k is sooooo early.
Answer: You can run it late but 89 degreed is soooooooooo hot. And so are you. 

Question: What should be built first, speed or distance?
Answer: Depends on your goals. But if your goal is distance, don't add more then 15% weekly milage per week. And don't do a heavy speed workout more then once a week. It's a injury maker adding distance and speed at the same time. Get to your distance, then add the speed. And some sugar. 

Question:  Will I need a water belt for the 25k this weekend or will there be water stops?
Answer: You should bring one. We'll have water, but it's gonna be almost as hot as Pamela out there. 

Question: Its hard being sidelined.  Any summer reads I should pour myself into?
Answer: Yikes. I don't read. I am sure SOMEBODY can offer a tip in the comments below. :)

Question: What is your favorite bra again?
Answer: The one that supports you and makes you look good...duh. Bras need to be fitted for YOU...and your boobies. 

Question: can I really retire my fleece or is this weather a mere illusion?
Answer: I bet it can take a little vacation for a bit. I bet it misses your hats, mittens and your red bra. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ask A Coach

Question: "Do compression socks really help shin splints?"
Answer: Apparently. But they only help the symptoms. Shin splints are usually caused from another issue. As a wise woman said, compression socks are like spanks, they only work when they are on. You may need to investigate what is causing it and go from there. But I think they look hot.

Question: "What made you become a running coach?"
Answer:  I had a hard time staying motivated and I knew that if people paid me, I would keep running.

Question: "Any tips for running in tropical climates? No, not what Seattleites refer to as "tropical climates" 
Answer: I'd hit the pool and run in the pool. I know it sounds silly, but its great and surprisingly hard. And refreshing.

Not mine. But should be my hands.

Get me to the finish line

Ask A Coach

Question: "any uplifting music I should add to my playlist?" 
Answer: When in doubt. James Freaking Brown

Question: "is there an inspiring mantra that goes through your head when you are in those dark moments of a long run?"
Answer:  It's a little embarrassing, but its Dora, from Finding Nemo. "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" Sometimes I change it to running, but sometimes that makes it too real. Just keep swimming.....

Question: "What do you think about the lunch menu here for a pre-race meal?"

Answer: I think you've made a huge mistake.

Question: "Any advice on how to get rid of a cold (coughing up phlegm), and get my energy back before tomorrow's 1/2 marathon?" 
Answer: Go to bed now and rest, fluids. Yes, I realize you have to get up in 6 hours, but I hope you rested. Re-evaluate your goals and have fun. Bring lots of tissue.

Ask A Coach

People who want to run.
Ask A Coach: 
Question: "What kind of layers would you suggest for spring-type cold rainy runs? Do you have a vest? I'm still walking a lot and don't want to get soaked and then chilled. But I don't want to get too hot when I actually run." 
Answer: Ok. it rained yesterday. It was warm out though, and the whole '20 degrees warmer then it really is' when you are running applies, with a layer to start with. Stick to polyester materials, so it'll dry fast, and don't forget about that hat.

Question: "Would love your ideas for getting back in the running game after eight (yes, 8, ack!) months of no running due to injury (boo!). I'm going for short run/walks, but will take any other ideas you have. Support groups? Bourbon?" 
Answer: Go for time. Start off with 20 min, 3 times a week, and do short runs and then walk. When you can run the whole time pull it up to 30 min. Stay there till everything feels good. Then flop open your race calendar, call your support groups, and open the bourbon baby, you are back in the game. I like makers mark....just saying....

Question: "What should I eat for the next 20 hours?"
Answer: Well, since you wrote this 10 hours ago, I hope you ate, and didn't eat anything new. DON'T EAT ANYTHING NEW. Please. Drink lots of water and go to bed early. Tomorrow, eat whatever you ate the morning of your training runs.